Listed below are some brain injury and head injury verdicts and settlements that the Northern California brain injury attorneys at GJEL have recovered for our clients. At Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis & Larsen, our skilled lawyers have an extensive track record of successfully representing clients who have suffered serious head trauma in various types of personal injury accidents. We use our knowledge of California personal injury law and decades of experience to recover for our clients the maximum monetary compensation that they deserve for their injuries.

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$285,000 for a pedestrian vs. auto accident.

In this case, GJEL accident attorney Jim Larsen represented a pedestrian injured in a crosswalk accident near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Because the driver of the car that struck our client was uninsured, GJEL attorneys pursued the full limits of our client’s underinsured motorist insurance policy with the California State Automobile Association. Through the use of expert and eyewitness testimony, GJEL attorneys were able to show that the residual injuries to our client’s head following the accident were significant. The case resulted in a $285,000 recovery for our client.

$205,000 for a Concussion in a School Fight

Recovered for a young man who suffered a concussion injury in a fight at California High School in San Ramon. Our client’s assailant and the San Ramon Unified School District were the defendants in this case. Through the use of expert testimony, GJEL lawyers were able to show that the head injury suffered by our client significantly aggravated pre-existing cognitive deficits.

$197,500 for the victim of a truck accident on Interstate 80.

GJEL accident attorneys represented a CalTrans employee in this lawsuit against the contractor of a construction site on which our client was working. The defendant driver of the truck and his employers were held 100% responsible for the accident, which included multiple fractured ribs, contusions, and a head injury.

$190,000 for big rig vs. auto on the freeway with closed head injury residuals.

Dispute of the existence of the head injury. Plaintiff prevailed at binding arbitration through the use of effective expert witnesses.

$130,000 for an auto case with closed head injury.

Defendant attempted to minimize head injury. We were able to convey the full effect of the injury through use of proper expert witnesses.